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I can not recommend the products enough! Having been hugely self-conscious of my skin since a teenager and having tried many a brand, switching to Kind Oils was the best decision ever! The difference in my skin is incredible! Thank you so much Kind Oils!


Wow, I can't even put into words how amazing these products are! I wear a face mask 12 hours a day and my skin has been horrendous, I can see a huge difference after only a few days.
Thank you x


A couple of weeks ago I ordered the face set for my extra dry skin and for the first week my skin was looking amazing, however my skin then began to feel tight and dry.   I contacted the team and they suggested using the face wash less and rose water to cleanse my face. After 2 days there was a huge improvement and after another week my skin was looking the best it has in years.  I also went on to purchase the all in one balm for extra protection and moisture when I'm out on my runs.
The team and products at kind oils are superb, they were so quick to respond and offer advice.  I am absolutely thrilled with their products and have been recommending them to everyone.


I'm in love with the whipped mango/ylang ylang body butter. It smells divine and literally melts into your skin, leaving it feeling and looking amazing. It's like a spa day in a jar! If only there was a bath oil to match!


Love the products I have bought, used the all in one balm on my extremely dry and rough hands twice and they are so much better already!! I think clay mask rose oil and face cloth are next really do recommend the products and service! Each order is dealt with to a personal level!


I gave the mini set to a wonderful lady going through radiation. They went down a treat. They helped with radiation burn which is wonderful to hear.


We both use this face wash daily, we find it leaves our faces feeling super clean without the dry tightness some face washes can cause. It takes off my eye make up with no issues.


I used this with the clay face mask, and it made for a beautiful scent and consistency. Really lightweight and gentle on the skin whilst still feeling like its working its magic - also smells absolutely delicious!!!!!


I used this alongside the rose water toner to create a paste, which in itself was a novelty to be able to mix the ingredients together. Felt really cooling and relaxing on the skin - also enjoyed how quickly it dried, and removal was super easy. The perfect pamper for your self care routine.


Super versatile, smells incredible and the perfect size to chuck in your bag and go! Left everywhere feeling super nourished.


I'm in love with this oil for my very dry skin, I'm living in hope that they do a face cream for dry skin soon so I can add drops of this skin saviour to it for an extra boost xx


Working in healthcare I'm washing my hands every 8-10 minutes when seeing patients so my hands have been getting very dry! From the first use my hands were soft and hydrated! It's brilliant.


I have always been hesitant about using oils as my skin is sometimes oily, however I have also wanted to try a more natural approach to my skin care. I have not been disappointed in these facial oils one bit! I love how they make my skin feel and these 2 products have replaced about 4 different products I would have used in their place before, try them they are amazing!

I use the rose floral water followed by rich face oil as part of my evening routine and my skin so so smooth and soft! I have just bought the french green clay face mask and after one use I am sold. No other products for me!! Excellent all round cannot recommend enough.


My feet are generally quite reptilian - more scales than skin. The all in one balm has given me summer- ready feet in just a few weeks. It really is a miracle cure for cracked heels and soles, dry skin and sore patches.


So in love with the skincare set. The only thing that has helped my adult acne/maskne and I have tried every brand and set going.


Fabulous Rich Facial Oil, my Rosacea as gone, no more itchy skin.


My purchase was a gift and it exceeded my expectations. The recipient was thrilled.


I bought the minis and absolutely loved the face oils. The rich face oil gave me a bright glow. I will buy the full size bottle as soon as I finish the minis. Loved them.

Thank you


Absolute skin saver! Healed my horrible cracked hands within days, I've used it on my daughters eczema with success and it's great for putting on my face before bed. Highly recommend this amazing product!


Was lucky enough to receive a small bottle of this with my order and I'm blown away with it. A few drops in the morning and it really keeps my face moisturised throughout the day. I've never had much luck with face moisturisers and I was a bit daunted by the idea of putting oil on my face as I have combination skin but I'm really pleased with it.


What a beautiful, versatile product!
So far have successfully used it as lip balm, foot cream, hand cream and on the lengths of my hair!


Love this balm. It's literally worked miracles on my dry patches.


Love the smell of this and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed.


Loving how I can instantly feel how clean and fresh my skin is after using this.


This smells amazing and leaves my skin really soft. This is my absolute favourite.


My husband commented how soft my skin was this morning. I don't think in 8 years he has ever commented on my skin. It's a lovely wash. I love putting it on before a shower or a bath and letting it soak in for ages. Total game changer for my skin. Between that and the face oils I'm a plant based skin care convert.


I am a face oil fanatic and have tried many. Having dry, sensitive skin I need an oil to keep my face hydrated during the day/night.  These oils are the best that I have tried.  I can certainly see a difference in my skin, it's plumper, soft and has a rosy glow to it. Both oils have quite a different smell to them (due to the different oils they contain), both smell divine!  It's also a big bonus that the ingredients are all natural. This will certainly be a repeat buy!


I bought this a while ago, and I love it!  It smells divine and literally melts into your skin, leaving it feeling and looking amazing. It's like a spa day in a jar! Definitely recommend.


I really love these! The face oils are really great and don’t make my face feel oily and the face wash is fab! The body butter is lovely and smooth, and I put the body oil on my postpartum stretch marks. I'll be putting in a order for the full sizes of these for sure.


I'm now on my 3rd tub of this face wash and I absolutely love it! Makes my skin so soft and clean and my skin has improved since using it!


I'm converted! Loving these products. I purchased 'The Face' around a month ago and have really tried to use nothing else. My skin scream for moisture and is often dry. I was keen to see if these lovely oils helped, they really have. I found the green clay wash a little drying, so reduced the amount I used it which helped. The oils smell divine, and just look like something that you want to use on your skin. Defo recommend!


I bought the minis as I didn't want to commit to picking a product when I hadn't used them before but I will now DEFINITELY be buying more full sized Kind Oils products. The rose water is fantastic and the light and rich face oils are amazing, I've been looking for something to help my dry skin for ages and these really do the trick. They aren't over fragranced either which is a nice change, but they still smell lovely. The face mask and body oil are lovely too, in fact it all is. Great products.


I bought the face set for my teenage daughter who suffers with outbreaks and nothing was helping. She was using lots of products which just seemed to aggravate her skin. So I chose Kind Oils in a bid to stop the harsh products and be gentle on her skin. After a week she can really see the difference. Her skin looks healthier and calmer and there is a definite improvement on the spots. I am using the oils for myself which feel amazing and leave my skin so soft. I also bought the all in one balm which is a game changer on my dry skin! We will definitely be buying more. Thank you.


I asked for this set for Mother's Day as was perfect opportunity to try the products out. I absolutely LOVE them.

The green clay makes my skin feel amazing and clean, followed by the soothing Rose Water Toner and hydrating Light Oil. I cannot wait to clean my face on morning and evening. Cannot wait to purchase more products.


I have been using these products morning and evening consistently for about 3 weeks now and my skin is looking & feeling amazing.
If I get the odd breakout the French clay mask gets it under control!
All the products are amazing and I've built up quite the collection.
My fave products are the green clay wash & the rich facial oil, closely followed by all the rest! Thank you.


I'm very pleased with every product, beautifully packaged. The light and rich oils are fabulous on the skin, easily absorbed and lovely smell. Also the rose water is another favourite, but all the kit is a must have! And the little bottles and jars are too cute, thank you.


I love these products, I have dry skin and they have really helped it to feel plumper, softer and brighter. Way better than heave creamy moisturisers that I've been using for years!


I absolutely love the body butter and all in one balm! The lemongrass body butter, smells amazing and it really helps me relax after a stressful day. The all in one balm is a must have for the summer, feet, knees and elbows it works wonders.

Amazing smell and luxurious feel. It's nice to know I'm putting pure goodness on my skin.

Thank you!


Love this body butter. It's sooooo soft and the ylang ylang scent is very calming.


Bought for my daughter who gets those horrid , painful spots under her skin. Been using it for a week now and she feels her skin is so much better and not oily. I bought the oil for me too, always makes my skin feel so soft plus it all smells gorgeous. You have to try.


I received a mini facial set for my Birthday wow what a game changer I have now purchased full size set. These products are amazing natural my skin feels and looks amazing.


I adore the body oil, my skin feels lovely after using it. The lemongrass body lotion is also amazing, it's so light but the smell lingers for ages after putting it on. I bought the oil for a friend as well and she also raves about it! Great products.


After spending lots of £££ on so many different lotions and potions for my face, I finally decided to give the minis a go. My skin hasn't felt or looked this good in such a long time. I definitely won't be trying anything else!


I'm not someone who makes time to look after my skin but I have fallen for this routine. The clay cleanser I love and its such a treat to use the bamboo facecloth to wash it all off...will be getting another in stock of those! The rose water toner and face oil is the perfect combo to make my skin feel wonderful. Will be ordering again and recommending to all!!


How do you review this little pot of joy adequately?
Heals a nurses hands so they are soft and can withstand being washed 800 times a day.
A scar and the surrounding area that's been causing dry itchy soreness for years is no longer a problem when using this daily.
Want a quick overnight facial. Use this. You will wake up with baby soft skin.
Excellent as a lip balm.
Honestly the all in one balm should be in every bathroom cabinet. Not only does it smell devine it genuinely helps with so many skin complains.
It also is great for an old massage too.


After all the reviews I had too try!! I'm sceptical when it comes to trying new products especially with sensitive skin... Well 2nd purchase later I'm in love with the green clay mask cleanser, it leaves your skin feeling incredible and helps with my redness and smells lovely!

It's now my go too. I love it.


I love these products. Noticed a difference in my skin after one night.  I usually wake up with dry skin,  not anymore. Thank you xx


I bought the body oil and cream and its so lovely, i usually have really dry skin and this has really helped! I would definitely recommend to others and i can't wait to try more items!


Great way to try all the wonderful products.


Amazing! Your skin feels so fresh after using.


Finally found something that has cleared my skin! It feels so fresh, then using the rose water and light oil afterwards just makes it even better. I barely use any each time as a small amount goes a long way. It is pretty solid in the jar but rubs on my face easily.


The green clay was a little too harsh for my skin for everyday use but this is absolutely perfect.  Such a brilliant product, I love it x


I truly love this face wash! My skin feels clean AND hydrated-it't drying at all. I also love using your special face cloth-genius! It works so well with the face wash. Thank you!


This is just wow. Leaves my skin so soft and feels so clean. This in the morning on its own is perfect for me alongside the three step regime in the evenings. I just need to remind myself not to eat it as it smells so good! Another beautiful product. 


This oil is amazing. Just a couple of drops at night leaves my so soft and hydrated.

Love your products.


I love this product! I use it as part of my morning routine alongside the rose water and light oil.

I had been using the 1,2,3 regime with the green clay twice a day for some time and it had really improved my skin but switching the morning green clay to the cleansing balm I have seen a huge improvement again in my skin! For so many years I have battled with my skin and it has never felt and looked so good!  Thank you Kind Oils! It's perfect! I love your products! X


Love this product, great texture, moisturising but not too much.  Light enough that my face isn't shiny. Came in lovely eco packaging too.


I currently use the cleansing balm rose water and facial oil which are fab, so when I saw the foot balm I had to give it a go.
Wonderful smell feels great when putting on my feet and now I have lovely soft feet .
I use after a pumice on my feet.
Wonderful product.


After years of trying different products on my very sensitive/reactive skin finding Kind Oils has been a revelation for me! Within a week of use my skin felt great and looked so much brighter. I finally feel really good about my skin, I won't be using anything else from now on.


The lemon cleansing balm is so silky and lovely and I love the Manuka honey toner. Really great new products that I have now incorporated into my face routine alongside the face oils and clay wash. Big thumbs up.


I've been struggling with my skin due to being busy single mum and lack of time for self care but treated myself to this little kit to test it. Only used it for a couple of days and already my skin feels and looks much healthier. Will be ordering full size bottles. Thank you Kind Oils!


Thought I'd try these little gems as my skin was needing some extra tlc and wow, honestly, the difference in only a few days is amazing. The French green clay wash is fab to use in the morning whilst having a shower and leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day. I've used the cleansing balm in the evening and it's left my skin so clean and fresh. Have loved using these products.


Such amazing cleansers that gently remove all trace of make up leaving my skin feeling clean but beautifully soft at the same time.
Love these products

Love this cleanser. It melts away my make up leaving my skin feeling refreshed and extremely soft. My skin feels amazing.


Love this to wake up my skin in the morning. Not to harsh on the skin but just enough invigorating feeling.


I really like to use an oil at night and have been looking for one to replace my previous one that is no longer cruelty free and have found the perfect product,  not to greasy but so nourishing.


My skin needed some serious tlc after spending most of the last month in hospital, so I treated myself to the mini face cleansers kit. They certainly lived up to expectations and have been amazing to use. They have left my skin feeling nourished, fresh and revitalised.


I stumbled a cross this product after a review from a friend. When I realised who it was steering the kind oils ship, I knew it would be a winner. As a busy Mummy to 3 boys with a hubby who's rarely home it's usually a wipe with a baby wipe to take off the last of my remaining make-up however this product makes skin care so simple. The products smell gorgeous and feel really luxurious but for a fraction of the price. Thank you so much for sharing your skin care secrets. I've already got my eye on a few other products and will definately be repurchasing when I have run out. Amazing products from some super ladies. 


My skin has been covered in sore spots all summer. Last week my mum cleaned my face with the green clay wash, then put rose water on me. She has done it every day for a week now and I have about 80% less spots and blackheads. I might even start letting her use the oil before I go to bed. It's great stuff and I like that it's not destroying the planet with chemicals.


Absolutely love this balm it feels amazing on my skin, look forward to every morning when I use it. Definitely has the feel good factor!

This is my new favourite cleanser! It feels amazing on my skin and leaves my face feeling super soft and refreshed. I use alongside the Manuka Honey Water and Light Face Oil, I cannot recommend this product enough.


I use this product alongside the Lemon Cleansing Balm and the Light Face Oil and my face is left feeling amazing. I've not even been using this for a week and I can already notice a difference.


At first I was skeptical about putting an oil on my face but as soon as applied it and rubbed it in, any reservations I had were gone. It leaves my face feeling better than any other product I've used. I used to spend a fortune on similar products but I will never go back!


I received my sample kit today

I've just used the lemon cleanser, rose toner and the light oil

I came Downstairs and my partner said my skin was glowing !

He's right it is after one use !

I love it already and will be ordering full size products on pay day !

Thank you so much


A perfect way to try the new cleanser and top up my supply of green clay cleanser as well, I was not disappointed. I love both products they feel amazing on my skin and have left it silky smooth.


I use the cleansing balm in the morning and it is so refreshing. It smells and feels divine! I'm noticing an improvement in my skin already. I use alongside the manuka honey water and light face oil and it makes my skin feel super soft and gives it a glow! I really look forward to my daily skincare routine now :)

I have quite oily/combination skin. I tried the mini pack not expecting too much from it, but I was very surprised how much I liked it and that the light oil made my skin less oily. I will be buying full size products and would recommend to a friend!


Just what I needed going into Autumn, this lovely light oil has stopped my usual dryness & left my skin feeling smooth. Thank you xx


These oils are just incredible!  My skin is soft, hydrated and glowing. Can't recommend them highly enough, and they always come in beautiful packaging xx


I ordered the starter pack initially and loved it so much i ordered full size of all the products The oil is just wonderful and light and leave any skin feeling soft and silky but not greasy and it smells wonderful too Kind oils really is the best purchase I've made recently.

This is my second or third pot- I love it, my skin has had far less breakouts since switching to natural skincare products.

I use this cleanser in the morning to freshen up my face and green clay in the evening to wash makeup/dirt away. However this cleaner removes all my make up as well, it’s just a routine I am in.

Smells amazing, feels sensational on your skin and like applying liquid silk.

Wouldn't be without it.


This is the 3rd time I have ordered, having started with the minis set last year, because I love how great my skin looks and feels. I've also ordered a minis set for my friends birthday as I'm sure she'll love it too!


It's early days but I love my new skincare routine! My favourite so far is the All in One Balm, but I'm really enjoying the other products in the range. Highly recommend :)


This product is easily my best discovery of 2021! I use a small amount every morning as part of my face cleaning routine using alongside the Rose Floral Water and Light Facial Oil. So quick and simple, yet the most effective skincare I have ever used...and i've used a lot! I also use it in the evening to remove my make up and the usual dirt/dust our skin collects during the day. It removes it beautifully leaving my skin soft and clean with no clogged pours. For a gentle way of removing dead skin, pair with the organic face cloth Kind Oils stock, it works a treat. Thank you ladies, your face care products are all I will use now :)


I bought this set for myself and my partner to use. He has sensitive skin, and mine is more combination so I was slightly worried this may be too oily for me. However, we both love it! It leaves my skin feeling so smooth, I have even had numerous compliments - I've never had compliments! Very happy, and have ordered again.


I have been using Kind Oils pretty much since they began! I'm so glad I discovered their products. I think I have now tried every single one The All in One Balm is just gorgeous. I am a teacher and wash or sanitise my hands all day long, my skin had become so dry and cracked. The All in One Balm has completely sorted it and my skin is soft and healed. I love everything about this beautiful business, every single product is wonderful.


The recipient was delighted with all the little products! :-)


I bought the all in one balm as a present for my granddaughter who is a nurse. Constant hand washing made her hands very sore but after only 3 days they are so much better and she is delighted.


I have just started a new tub of cleanser after a short break and the difference in my skin feels and looks incredible. Using it with the Manuku honey water and the face oils and I feel confident enough to go without foundation. Thank you!


Use this for the first time last night as my skin was looking tired and dull. My skin felt so clean afterwards and I had a healthy glow. Looking forward to my weekly treat now. Thank you!


Myself and my teenage daughter have been using French green clay face wash since you first launched your business. My teenager daughter has combination skin. It is an amazing product. She hardly has any breakouts and we now use all your products. So it's great for teens and skin in 30’s. Highly recommend!


This balm is a total game changer. I suffer with really dry skin and flare ups of psoriasis on my face. I have tried soooo many products but this has made such an incredible difference. My skin is hydrated, smooth looking and feels so soft and plump. It melts blissfully into your skin and doesn't leave it feeling tight after washed off.  It also smells heavenly!