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Fantastic little jar of magic

This is my 3rd purchase and once again, after a few uses it has cleared up the problem area (in this case a spotty nappy rash)! Lovely product, great smell and fantastic service. Sure I will be buying again!

Beautiful Water

I come back to this Rose Water time after time, it can’t be beaten! I love the smell and how gentle it is on my skin, I use as a toner and it’s definitely calmed my skin, thank you!!

The Face
Obsessed with my skincare routine now!

Love every Kind Oils product, my favourites have to be the Condition Cleansing Balm and the Rescue All in One Balm. Skin saviours for my hormonal outbreaks (which are getting worse the further into my 30s I get!) and my skincare steps have now become an integral part of my morning/evening routine.

Just the best ever product out there! I order on repeat and haven’t found anything more wonderful than this. Soft on your skin, no bad ingredients and has help my skin so much.

The gift that keeps on giving!

I am so glad I stumbled across you a few years ago because your products are just magical! The honey water is my favourite and has helped tremendously in clearing my acne, I also apply to my back if I’m getting some hormonal bacne and it works a treat. I also found the antiseptic properties to be so effective in healing a stubborn piercing, it calmed it down so quickly I couldn’t be more thankful. I’ve recently been using it nightly on a cotton pad to help heal my little dachshund’s skin issues and that’s proved a success too, thank you Kind Oils!

Somehow an oil that makes your skin less oily!

I’ve got combination skin. Very dry when I get out of the shower but can also be oily with breakouts. Decided to try this and haven’t regretted it! It leaves my skin feeling amazing and looks glowing without being greasy!

Beautiful natural products

Kind oils product are so lovely, they are natural and feel amazing on this skin. My skins looks and feels so glowy after using the cleansing balm and face oil. They are affordable too - definitely recommend! Xx

Glow Body Oil
Laura McLean

Best facial I’ve tried!

Beautifully refreshing

Love using this to make my skin feel really refreshed after cleansing. I never used to use toner until I discovered this.

Love this stuff

I've bought this light oil several times now and absolutely love it, as does my skin!

Super lovely balm

I think this is my 4th pot of rescue balm. I love it, it smells amazing and it really helps my skin if it's dry or feeling sensitive. Has also helped soothe my daughters eczema.

So lemony

Love this lemon cleansing balm. So soft and smooth and rich. The scent is divine. My face feels lovely after using it.

Beautiful Butter

By far the most moisturising, nourishing body butter I have ever used! My favourite of the two is the Ylang Ylang, it smells lovely-light and florally. The butter itself is so rich so you only need a small amount and it lasts the whole day, my skin still feels moisturised by the end of the day. Couldn’t recommend enough for dry skin!

Great cleanser, I use it once a day

Love these products. My skin has never been so fabulous!

Works Wonders

I have been ordering this for about 2 years now- I love it, It is perfect for my changeable combination skin and keeps it soft and well moisturised which is why I keep coming back to it time and time again. Definitely feel it has helped with my mild rosacea too, keeping any outbreaks at bay.

The Body
Just beautiful!

I absolutely love this duo set, the butter is so luxurious and moisturising! I use just the butter alone in the mornings then combine with the oil at night and my skin has never felt better. The smells of both are sweet and subtle but strong enough that I notice, the butter particularly, throughout the day! The butter melts between your hands and doesn’t leave a greasy residue so it’s a win win, thank you Kind Oils for solving my dry skin!

Best Skincare Ever!

I have spent all of my adult life struggling with my skin, either breakouts or oily or both. I’ve tried numerous luxury skincare brands with minimal success that have not been kind to my bank balance! Since starting to use Kind Oils my skin has been the best it’s ever been, and considering I’m now perimenopausal that is no easy feat. The French Green Clay face wash leaves my skin feeling unbelievably clean and soft and I follow it with the Manuka Honey water which feels so soothing (my previous toner used to sting!). I use the Light Face oil for daytime and the Rich one at night, amazingly they leave my skin feeling lovely and soft but never oily. Thank you Kind Oils, I’ll never look back.


Absolutely love it! Couldn’t be without my kind oils now!


Thank you again, love this face oil so much.

Love love love!!

I absolutely love the face oils from Kind Oils. I have been using them for over a year now and I wouldn’t go back to a normal moisturiser. Combined with the cleansing balm, these products have made such a difference to my skin.

Mini Routine
Deborah Ward
Only just arrived but can't wait to use it!

It only arrived this morning due to the postal strikes but can't wait to try it out! 🤩

Mini Routine
Tasha Grumbt

Mini 1, 2, 3 Routine

Jasmine Oil

This oil smells Devine! It’s light on your skin and extremely nourishing. Plus no nasties. It has been just what my skin needed for this time of year.